Building Next Generation Competencies for Logisticians and Supply Chain Managers

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The global logistics market is rapidly progressing to digital, intelligent and sustainable solutions, amounting to more than 1000 billion EUR by 2025 (Transport Systems Catapult, 2016). Digital, intelligent and sustainable logistics (DISL) is important in order to increase safety and tackle Europe’s growing emissions and congestion problems; make processes within supply chains more efficient and sustainable; enable the proper integration of nowadays society in the next-generation Industry 4.0 context.

Higher education institutions (HEIs) do not have the accurate means to tackle the existing need as the current curricula focus more on general logistics and supply chain management rather than specific DISL related issues. In addition, the Logistics Performance Index (LPI) classifies Poland (31th), Slovenia (39th) and Greece (44th) among 167 evaluated countries ( The biggest identified shortcoming is lack of holistic approach to the field of logistics, especially when considering the incorporation of intelligent and sustainable aspects into SCM. Weakness is also effectiveness of the implementation of these approaches in practice. In particular, there is a need to transfer contemporary concepts into business to further enhance the effectiveness of the SCM. The latter especially emphasizes the role of HEIs in the field of SCM.

To this end, NEXTLOG responds to the above need by aiming to develop an innovative, transnational framework that will improve the knowledge and skills of academic institutions to produce more market/oriented DISL curricula, reducing the barriers in this field.