Updates from the NEXTLOG project

The NEXTLOG project is moving towards the communication and dissemination of relevant informative documents, referring to the so far completed tasks that were undertaken by all partners included. It is noted that the project continues to evolve through the cooperation of the Poznan School of Logistics (Poland), Faculty of Management (University of Lodz, Poland), University of Maribor (Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Slovenia), DOMEL (Slovenia), DEPAN – City Network (Greece) και SEERC (South East European Centre, Greece). The official website of the project has been launched and will be running in 4 languages (English, Polish, Slovenian and Greek). All visitors can navigate through the website and find out more about the concept, the aims, the expected outcomes of the project as well as, all relevant information for all related partners.

Within the context of the project, we are happy to present the first Newsletter of NEXTLOG that includes all the updates and activity until June 2021. All partners have been collectively taking action in order to complete all the necessary and scheduled NEXTLOG activities. The “Newsletter 1” for June 2021, is available in the project’s official website in the 4 relevant languages that NEXTLOG operates in (English, Polish, Slovenian, Greek). In addition, all interested parties, actors or members of the public can reach NEXTLOG through social media channels. The project partners will continue to post updates and relevant visual material concerning NEXTLOG, more included activities and news.


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